Мозаик. зона отчуждения mad gentle essence

Researching Modernities - St Mary's UniversityНазвание книги: Мозаик. зона отчуждения mad gentle essence
Страниц: 247
Год: 2015
Жанр: Фантастика

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О книге «Мозаик. зона отчуждения mad gentle essence»

He did it, perhaps self-knowingly, by reflecting on the boy inside his middle-aged peers—the ex-raver generation which is seizing positions of power in the 21st century.

The jacket Van Assche was wearing backstage had a black label tacked to the top of one sleeve cuff, reading “Christian Dior Atelier,” a sartorial heritage signal indicating handmade tailoring values (as well as a bit of an inside-out Martin Margiela-ism). But bless him, in this age of roiling gender politics, Van Assche’s first instinct had been to bring in an expert woman from the Christian Dior women’s atelier to help him work on how to adapt the manual know-how of Dior’s late-’40s and early-’50s women’s tailoring, and turn it into “sharp” suits for men. With streetwear, more or less everything has become blurred, loose,” he said. Van Assche returned to his own teen memories, of “the first tattoo you got when you were 15,” and how it was clubbing in the ’90s, layering short-sleeved T-shirts over long-sleeves.

And the baggy but high-waist jeans; and the other kids, who stuck to polo shirts and synthetic anoraks with terrible prints.

In fact, Van Assche was never a clubber, but he knew all about it, from his bedroom.

Yet all that stuff is now idolized by a second generation as classic vintage style.

His long and laudable service in the Isaurian and Persian wars would not have preserved from oblivion the name of Justin; yet they might warrant the military promotion which in the course of fifty years he gradually obtained; the rank of tribune, of count, and of general, the dignity of senator, and the command of the guards, who obeyed him as their chief, at the important crisis when the emperor Anastasius was removed from the world.

The powerful kinsmen whom he had raised and enriched were excluded from the throne; and the eunuch Amantius, who reigned in the palace, had secretly resolved to fix the diadem on the head of the most obsequious of his creatures.

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